Track Assets Automatically

TagTrack’s stand-alone RFID readers and Indoor Positioning systems make asset tracking simple and automatic.

Mobile Tag Readers

Supported by TagTrack’s global network, our asset tag readers setup in minutes, work anywhere, and require no PC.

Stand-Alone Flexibility

TagTrack’s Asset Tracking Gateway (ATG) requires no support PC, servers, or complicated networking. Just plug in the power and your are up and running in minutes.


  • High Reliability UHF Tag inventory based on Impinj R2000
  • Compatible with TagTrack BLE Beacon Tags
  • Built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, and LTE Networking
  • Simple Plug and Play setup.
  • Available with 2, 4, or 8 UHF Channels

Starting at $1,899

TagTrack Indoor/Outdoor Positioning Systems

TagTrack tags can be tracked inside your building, or anywhere on the globe.

Plug & Play Asset Tracking

Plug in readers activate instantly and begin taking inventory of TagTrack Beacon Tags within a 100ft radius. Tags are inventoried and ranged to determine distance from the reader. Indoor tag regions can be defined to enable complete indoor location tracking of asset tags in real time.


  • Compatible with TagTrack BLE Beacon Tags
  • Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth LE
  • Simple Plug and Play setup.
  • Built in TagTrack Cellular networking

Starting at $199

TagTrack Custom Tags

TagTrack makes tags for every application. Whether you need tags embedded in carbon fiber, installed in a football, or stuck on a pallet TagTrack has done it, and is here to help you with your specific use case.

Tag Application Examples

  • RFID livestock tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Retail & Apparel
  • Library systems
  • Hospitals and Medical
  • Product traceability
  • Cold chain management

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